The Best of The 80’s: Acid Wash Jeans

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acid 80s wash

Say what you want about 80s music but as far as fashion goes, there really is no decade worse than what this era brought to the table. After all, what other decade let you get away walking the streets in MC Hammer pants, shoulder pad induced blazers  and horrid neon leg warmers? However, amidst the craziness found in 80s fashion, one gem of a trend caught my eye: The acid wash jean. I was rummaging through my mother’s old high school photos one day, and found a picture of her and some girlfriends looking pretty darn hot in their acid wash jeans accompanied by the oh-so-famous perm-ridden hairstyle. Having watched ‘Sixteen Candles’ the night before as well, I decided to channel my inner Molly Ringwald and so, my quest for acid wash jeans had begun.

scan 30001

If you’re subdued by the thousands of dollars university/college has brought upon you like it has for me, shopping on a budget has become a must in my life, which also made my hunt for good quality jeans like these ones, a difficult task. Major stores like Topshop, Zara and H&M who provide shoppers with current trends either lacked quality in regards of material or just didn’t offer the price range I had in mind for this type of jean. At this point, my $50 budget seemed absolutely ridiculous in this day and age. So much for wishful thinking. But, not to worry, I resorted to the wondrous art of vintage shopping! I scoured Kensington Market, vintage shops along Bathurst and Dufferin in hopes for a find. While some shops carried what I wanted, an XS or 00 was nowhere to be found…damn, it. It wasn’t until a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook letting me know she was selling a pair of vintage Levi 501s in black and white acid wash for 30 freaking dollars in my size did I wave my hands in the air like I just didn’t care. My mission was complete and so I busted out my “happy dance” (also known as my hidden talent of ‘Crumping’ along with various booty pops in between).

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For my second outfit, I decided to make it more of an androgynous one by adding: A pair of black suede wedges, my vintage hexagon shaped cross-body purse along with my chartreuse tank top. I added a touch of femininity with these items and the vintage purse I paired it with, was the perfect touch of modernity to the outfit. While black and white are fantastic colors, I couldn’t bear straying too close to the sidewalk and being a huge fan of bold colors, I played up the outfit by pairing it with this chartreuse tank top. Wondering where I purchased my items? You know the drill. Check out my Lookbook link posted on my ‘About Me’ page!




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