Floral Fun In The Fall

As the echoes of fluorescent fuchsia and neon green from this past spring fade out like my summer tan, floral prints are being replaced with darkly romantic motifs for the fall. Unlike most trends, this one obviously makes sense as fashion tends to incline towards more darker, polished flare. While most of you have probably shunned away your spring/summer clothing and are eager to get into the cozier side of things; I on the other hand, just can’t seem to let go of the idea that I’m losing my tan and that our days are getting shorter…

So, here I am posting an outfit representing my undying preference for spring/summer season. Bright orange trousers, navy floral blouse and my black sandals. Whatever, dressing for the weather has become overrated anyways. scan 30010

Before I had purchased my trousers over the summer, I had always worn this blouse but noticed that it was always missing some extra “oomph!” with whatever I paired it with. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m pretty brave when it comes to pairing bold colours so when I saw that the floral print on my blouse was the exact same shade of orange my trousers had, I went all Victor Frankenstein on both pieces. More than satisfied with this colour experiment or should I call it my “floral monster” (Alright, now I’m just trying to be funny. I’ll stop.) I finished the outfit off with my black double buckle wedge sandals and black leather clutch. Accessory wise, I wanted to keep it at a minimal concerning size and colour so that my 5 foot self wouldn’t look drowned out with a bigger hand bag and just in general, I desired to keep the colour scheme of my outfit at a balance. scan 30006scan 30009

I’d say this outfit is blossoming!



P.S http://lookbook.nu/look/5169598-New-Look-Black-Sandals-Forever-21-Floral-Blouse 😉


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