Black On Black

The ability to strike a balance between casual and glamorous, it’s no wonder the maxi skirt continues to be a major piece in fashion after making its grand re-entrance seasons ago.

scan 30011

Having endured the social stigma high school had to offer to just about any teenager, insecurities revolving around my height used to trigger just about every hesitance you could have on pulling off a piece of clothing. I used to think that my height and fashion could never coincide. That being 5’5 and over was the only option you had to pull off a little bit of Alexa Chung or Olivia Palermo. But long gone are those days of self-deprecation. Self-appreciation and embracing one’s self is where it’s at. I’ve learned that it all boils down to finding clothes and tailoring those pieces you find in order for them to fit your body’s physique.

A friend of mine, who happens to be my height, had been selling a bunch of vintage clothing and suggested that I try on this vintage maxi skirt. I had never worn or purchased a maxi skirt, so the idea of me wearing one raised questions like “Is this skirt going to make me look shorter?” or “Are my legs too short for me to pull this off?” clouded my judgment. Even though my insecurities were creeping up on me, I decided to give it a go anyways. It was perfect. No hemming was needed, the skirt hugged my lower frame to a tee and most importantly, I felt great in it. I even found the buttons sewed along the middle of the skirt created a nice illusion of elongation. My love for this maxi skirt has been transcended onto 3 other maxis that I now own.

scan 30013

Here’s a tip for all you frugal shorties that don’t want to spend extra money on a tailor: Buy yourself a midi skirt.

If you’re 5’3 and under, the midi skirt that would normally sit right under the knees of a 5’5 frame, will most likely fall to your ankles or under. It’s not a bad option to consider.

scan 30014

I paired this black maxi skirt with my black crop top and topped it off with my light wash denim jacket to casual down the outfit. Accessory-wise, I wore a black doctor style handbag and a gold watch. As much as I love black, a piece of Abby was missing in the outfit; a pop of colour was what it needed for a finishing touch. I used the colour orange, a colour that I’ve been obsessing over for quite some time now. I can’t help it if it looks so good on a tanned girl. ‘So Chaud’ orange lipstick by M.A.C. and my orange stone ring completed this outfit.




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